Colab Hive

Forge new relationships. Feel the productivity.

Join the hum of the Hive, Ithaca’s original coworking space.

What is CoLab Hive?

CoLab Hive is a shared work space in the heart of the Ithaca Commons. Community members come here to work in a focused and collaborative environment, hold client meetings, or host group meet-ups.

Why Ithaca?

No better a town than Ithaca to foster this movement. No better a location than smack dab in the middle of The Commons. No better a group of folks suited to open it than Ithaca’s web cooperative, CoLab Coop.

About the bees

These bees value collaboration, community, and sustainability. We hope to enhance Ithaca’s increasing reputation as a small, vibrant hub for culture, creativity, learning, and innovation. Like many in the Ithaca community, members of The Hive view themselves as pioneers.

Benefits for New Bees

Work near friendly and unobtrusive innovators.

Working in a social atmosphere helps you make connections with like-minded members of your community. They may even become your next client.

Get out in the world.

Operating your business “in the world” gives you the opportunity to get into your community and ride the currents of focused energy that only a buzzing hive can create.

Set up, spread out, and stay awhile.

If you’re a freelancer who frequents coffee shops, then you know the discomfort that comes from occupying a space in which you can’t really get settled. The Hive is your second home.

Show off your professional side.

The CoLab Hive has private rooms and a conference room for large meetings. The location in the heart of the Ithaca Commons is convenient for your guests.

Access to office amenities.

Fast WiFi, spacious desks, a fax, a printer, a scanner, a projector, and more make it easier to do what you do quickly, efficiently, and comfortably. Plus, there’s a conference room, and a cafe downstairs.

Join the Hive today!

Choose from two membership plans:

Tupelo Part Time Coworking Plan

Tupelo Plan

Part Time

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Manuka Full Time Coworking Plan

Manuka Plan

Full Time

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The Buzz on Good Coworking

I moved to town without knowing a single person, and everyone has been very warm and welcoming from day 1! It’s been very helpful not only as a nice way to get out of my apartment for work, but also in getting to know the people and the area.

David H.

Nice collaborative environment and great to bounce ideas off of folks.

Aaron Godert Aaron Godert

CoLab Hive is a great place to work because the energy is so focused and productive, and the people are really wonderful to be around.

Colleen Bergman-Cole Colleen Skemp