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Hive Member Ethan Winn, Giving Drupal Some Backbone

The latest Ithaca co-worker to join the Hive, Ethan Winn recently completed a “tremendously, overwhelmingly, and kind of absurdly” exciting project in the developer / Drupal / javascript world. Essentially, his new module provides a foundation for the development of Backbone.js apps with Drupal.

If you are saying to yourself; ‘awesome!’ or ‘finally!’ or even ‘but how?!’, Then read on. If not well, may just a little golf clap for Ethan in the spirit of appreciating the magic of code.

With Backbone.js, Drupal is no longer a drag when making dynamic, JS-based functionality…in fact, it’s kind of awesome. Backbone works by creating lightweight model objects in the browser that are then easily bound to the vast array of interaction events and views using a flexible client-side templating system. Drupal is a great tool for producing the sort of structured JSON data that Backbone consumes: we get the full power of Drupal’s Field API and content administration tools on the server side, but don’t have to deal (much) with Drupal’s theme layer and rendering stack, getting Backbone’s lightweight awesomeness in our UI code. It’s kind of a marriage made in web development heaven.

Full article posted with the the great folks at Echo Ditto Labs.

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