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EVENT! Business Design Workshop

Posted on by Ralph

business-design-handshakeNext Economy Now – Key Business Trends To Build Into Your Company Today

Event Date: Tuesday, 4/23

Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Cost: $20

Is your company doing all it can to ensure it’s long term growth and development while maximizing your triple bottom line impact.

At this Next Economy Now Workshop, come and learn from a pioneer in progressive business design about some of the most important trends in the Next Economy and how you can apply these trends to the sustainable operation of your company today.


Limited Seats Available!

Location: CoLab Hive – 141 The Commons, 3rd Floor

Presenters: Shawn Berry of LIFT Business Design (San Francisco, CA)

Rylan Peery, CoLab Cooperative (Ithaca, NY)


Since 2010 LIFT has worked strategically with over 50 companies in this field and will share some of the important trends we see emerging in progressive businesses today. Citing case studies and sourcing content from the room we will take the conversation further in this highly interactive session. We will stoke your inspiration and give you ways you can implement these in your current business operations.

More About The Presenters:

Shawn Berry is an organizational strategist inspired to harness the power of business to create a resilient local economy as a model to be open sourced and scaled globally. Shawn first founded the Woodshanti Cooperative in 1997, then joined in the leadership of the Ananda Dhiira Eco Retreat Center in 1999, and founded the Urban Alliance for Sustainability in 2000. In 2010 he launched LIFT with longtime collaborator Kevin Bayuk, in order to help more amazing enterprises that are all doing some part of making the world a better place.

LIFT is a business design and coaching firm located in San Francisco, working exclusively with companies already dedicated to doing business in a way that is beneficial to all life. We understand the dynamics of operating under these constraints and have developed a streamlined strategic approach to empowering companies to stabilize and grow in today’s economic conditions.

Rylan began working in the technology industry during the late 90’s when he graduated from Stanford University and began a short stint in venture capital.  Rylan went on subsequently to found a social enterprise startup, Giveback.net, using music to raise funds for charitable projects with luminaries like Damien Marley and Michael Franti. As a front-end engineer Rylan coded user interface solutions for web applications used by Fortune 500 companies like Bizrate and Shopzilla.  He co-founded CoLab – his current home – with his fellow cooperative members to focus on developing technology solutions for social and environmental change initiatives. Most recently he is launching Storied.us, a startup funded by Eric Schmidt of Google, to use storytelling to improve lives.

CoLab was born out of a collective desire to do good. We are passionately committed to people, partnership, planet and performance.  We work with brands and organizations that prioritize social value, community and sustainability. Our clients include entrepreneurs, social ventures, non-profits, professional associations and educational institutions. We have the technical chops to meet many of your web needs along with a talented creative team that can evaluate your brand and design collateral across various media. Lastly we posses the business acumen to help you succeed without compromising your values.

For More info contact: ralph@colab.coop or call 607-699-9049


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Late Night Art Hang with Joshua Sperling

Posted on by Ralph

Sometimes we think about art. Lately, when we think about art, in Ithaca, we think about  Joshua Sperling. When we think about Joshua Sperling, he repsonds, “well guys I should bring some art down to the Hive.”

When Joshua says he’ll bring some hang art down to the Hive, we help him hang it. And when we help him hang it (art) we do late night with the sound system bumpn’ and cold beverages. When we hang art late night with the sound system bumpn’ and cold beverages, our coworking friends show up to the office the next morning like woa, this is cool.

When our coworking friends show up to the office the next morning like woa, we like to share it. When we share it, we use pictures.. like these:

Joshua has some pretty big time adventures lined up in NYC this month. We wish him well.



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Power to The People

Posted on by Ralph


The Hive and CoLab are thrilled to be participating in a fantastic local event tomorrow being organized by The SEEN and our friends Greg and Danielle of Think Topography. Together  they run Studio West, another coworking space in Ithaca and a super chill spot to post up and focus. Here’s a quick announcement for those in the Ithaca area interested in sustainable or social enterprise. We’ll be sharing our experience as cooperative owners and operators of a web services business and a providers of a community shared work place. Hope to see you there!

The SEEN Presents:

Co-ops: Power to The People

June 7, 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. at LaTourelle

Do you want to learn more about how cooperative businesses benefit the local community and economy?

You’re invited to participate on Thursday, June 7th at LaTourelle (located at 1150 Danby Road) for presentations by local Ithaca area businesses such as GreenStar, Ithaca Biodiesel, Handwork, Alternatives Federal Credit Union, and CoLab CoOp as part of Community Capital Week presented by Local First Ithaca.

Details and RSVP online here:

More About The SEEN
The Sustainable Enterprise & Entrepreneur Network (The SEEN) is a growing community of businesses, organizations, and individuals working together to achieve ecological, social, and financial success. The SEEN is a program of the Green Resource Hub, a local non-profit organization that aims to expand the marketplace for sustainable living in the finger Lakes region. Details online here: http://creating.theseen.org/ 

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Downtown Ithaca is Ready

Posted on by Ralph

Svante and Nate helping at an ASPCA fundraiser

Ready to help great organizations like the ASPCA. Which it did today with a little help from Mayor Svante Myrick and Congressional candidate Nate Shinagawa. Seen above on the frontlines of Lou’s hot dog tent (vegan too). I just had one and dang they are tasty. Lou’s there just about every decent weather day durring lunch time. It is great to see Svante so visible and engaged with the community on the regular. His sincerity, awareness and grace are refreshing in political leadership.

Downtown is ready for summer. We just learned that Ithaca Fest will be moving to the Commons this year. If the city can get logistics and scheduling on point. Despite some options, this could be a real positive boost not just for downtown, but for I-town as a whole.

Downtown most of all, is ready for a new chapter of sustainablegrowth. With so new projects breaking ground like the Clinton Street bridge and the desperately needed re-paving of 79, and the big idea stuff on deck. Ithaca seems poised to Elevate itself as a vibrant small city.  One with a booming urban core, less regional sprawl,  decreasing carbon footprint, and health enriching linkages between it’s college’s and the surrounding agricultural economy.

Downtown Ithaca is just ready to just be a cool place to live, work and love.  The Hive and Colab Coop are glad to be here.

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Ithaca Co-Working… With Heart

Posted on by Ralph

At long last, we have broken ground on a very exciting part of the Hive co-working spaces evolution, artwork! Timothy Cole’s  intricate heart illustration is a free-hand drawing created simply with paint on wood.  No sort of graphic technology whatsoever in the creation of his design. Pure love, pure awesomeness.

Big ups to Mr. Joshua Sperling as well, for supplying the canvas. Highly recommend checking out his artwork too.


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Hive Member Ethan Winn, Giving Drupal Some Backbone

Posted on by Ralph

Ethan's pictureThe latest Ithaca co-worker to join the Hive, Ethan Winn recently completed a “tremendously, overwhelmingly, and kind of absurdly” exciting project in the developer / Drupal / javascript world. Essentially, his new module provides a foundation for the development of Backbone.js apps with Drupal.

If you are saying to yourself; ‘awesome!’ or ‘finally!’ or even ‘but how?!’, Then read on. If not well, may just a little golf clap for Ethan in the spirit of appreciating the magic of code.

With Backbone.js, Drupal is no longer a drag when making dynamic, JS-based functionality…in fact, it’s kind of awesome. Backbone works by creating lightweight model objects in the browser that are then easily bound to the vast array of interaction events and views using a flexible client-side templating system. Drupal is a great tool for producing the sort of structured JSON data that Backbone consumes: we get the full power of Drupal’s Field API and content administration tools on the server side, but don’t have to deal (much) with Drupal’s theme layer and rendering stack, getting Backbone’s lightweight awesomeness in our UI code. It’s kind of a marriage made in web development heaven.

Full article posted with the the great folks at Echo Ditto Labs.

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A Ted Talk On Collaborative Consumption

Posted on by Ralph

Rachel Botsman gave a nice talk about how we are “wired to share”.  An idea we are fostering here at the CoLab Hive.




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T-Shirts For Humanity Found Here, In Ithaca

Posted on by Ralph

Over the MLK weekend, the Hive played host to a special photo shoot with CoLab & Tez Mercer for a soon to launch brand. WakeUp Tees is a new online community supporting the evolution of conscious t-shirts. It’s mission is to bring forth a positive look on life via clothes that you feel joyful wearing every day.

Wendy Houseworth was behind the scenes with us and captured these incredible pics

Colab Hive PhotoTez Mecer PhotographerAnna Coogan JumpsSustainable Tee Shirt Label

Anna Coogan ModelingBehind the Scenes





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Lean, Agile and Sustainable; How A Cowork Chair Should Be

Posted on by Ralph

Caper chair

We have been careful not to just start throwing furniture into the space. Whatever we can find, whatever we can afford style. We prefer to hold out and find pieces that are good design and good for the planet.

lean, agile cowork chairs

Though we found this set of chairs in NYC via craigslist, it’s almost as if Herman Miller built them just for us. The story of the chair design was to develop a solution for hard-working multiuse spaces.  They are lean, agile and sustainable. Why, that’s a bit like us, we’ll take 10 please.

Aside from their high-tech, casual, elegant design. Here some sweet eco stats on the Caper Chairs.

  • Zero carbon footprint
  • Zero hazardous waste generation
  • Zero air emissions (VOCs)
  • Zero process water use
  • 100 percent green electrical energy use
  • Company buildings constructed to a minimum LEED Silver certification

The fact that they were also a second hand find, definitely makes us feel like the space is coming together in the best possible way.

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The Hive Welcomes Anna Coogan

Posted on by Ralph

Anna Coogan At first glance, you might assume the Colab Hive is a shared office space filled with web techies and other such digital nerdness. Since it was started by a local web coop and all, you might be half right. The Hive though is intended to be more than place to pontificate about the best open source CMS or why d3.js is useful. As you may have read on the home page, we are dedicated to collaboration, openness, community, accessibility, and sustainability. Part of our shear excitement about opening the space is seeing who finds up in the mix. Sharing their ideas, experiences and for our latest coworking member Anna Coogan, music!

Anna is no stranger to the mix, she has been playing and recording music for close to a decade. Her bittersweet Americana has enchanted listeners since she began writing her own songs in early 2002. A trained opera singer and field biologist, Anna translates her love for desolate landscapes, dark alleyways, and neon valleys into simple, sweet melodies.

Anna is not only new to the Hive, but new to Ithaca as well.  We welcome her with open arms (please, no Journey) and hope you will too. Enjoy this beautiful perfomance of her song  ’Crooked Sea‘ live from Blue Balls Festival in Germany.





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